Beekeeping 101 Beginning Beekeeping (January 26th 2019)

This classroom-based course offers beginning beekeepers an introduction to honey bee biology and basic approaches to beekeeping. Class Dates: Nov 17th

Upgraded text book for this class is Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey Caron (a $55.00 value) With the purchase of the Honey of a Deal – 2 tickets for $195 you will receive ONE copy of Honey Bee Biology. We also provide a package of important reference materials on critical topics to get you started.

In addition to BK101 in the classroom we are including a Installation Demonstration, a BK101W Beekeeping Workshop, and a 2018 Burgh Bees Membership at no additional cost.

The class will be held on: January 26th, 2019 10:00pm-5:00pm
There will be a short break for lunch. Please bring lunch with you.

Where: Humane Animal Rescue (Event Room) 6926 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

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